This is Odin, a character we built for a project by NPNF inc. Creative Director, Ryu Kawai was kind enough to let us use this super cool character to demo our animation.

We kept the animation loop short at around 1 second or 30 frames since it was going to be exported into a game engine. One 'best practices' item that we tried to keep in mind was to limit any motion cycle to an even number of 30/60 frames.

Joints on the beard, ponytails, and cape were made dynamic so our animator only had to focus on the primary body motion and its key-poses. The challenging aspects of this animation were to avoid clipping on his gears and to come up with a series of powerful, yet well-defined silhouette poses for him, despite the stumpy nature of the character.

Finally, dynamics were set to blend so the secondary animation would loop nicely and export cleanly without popping.

For the rendered plastblast movie, you can check it out in our animation section here-


Animation by Paul Capon

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