VR game - Archer E. Bowman Part 2

In the last post, we looked at some animation on the Grunt character. This time, we will cover the work we have done for the environment and also show an example of a character we setup.

Most of the wall and prop pieces were designed and built in a modular fashion, giving the design team the freedom to easily put the 3D tile pieces over the pre-defined white box.

On top of the tilable sets, we also built and designed bigger set piece such as the Castle in the background.

Texture details were hand-painted and kept simplified to match the polytgonal nature of the geometry.

Most of the characters were setup using the Maya HiK system, with the exception of the Mage character. Since the Mage is made of pure energy, a lot of the animations call for the robe to collapse onto itself. It will be impossible to animate with the default Maya Human IK skeleton.

Test collapse animation on its custom rig-

And here is an example of the Death by Posion animation-

You can find more animation examples from this project in our animation section here

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