Motion Blur in Viewport 2.0

We love all the features the new Maya default viewport 2.0 offers. Nifty tools such as real time AO, DoF, and anti-aliasing really give you a polish look in the hardware view and even in Playblast preview.

Unfortunately, Viewport 2.0 does not support motion blur on a rigged character, it only supports camera and object motion blur. To put it in another way, VP2.0 only supports motion blur for objects whose transformations change over time i.e., surfaces or camera transforming. It does not support motion blur for surfaces that deform over time. This means, no motion blur on rig. :(

One work around I think worth mentioning- If you want some quick motion blur on your character animation, but don't want to spend a ton of time rendering offline. You can render the proxy parts which is usually grouped or parented under the bones.

For example, in the run cycle of the Grunt, the body parts and the sword are grouped under the skeleton rather than weighted to the bones, then the motion blur worked.

You can find the animated playblast of this character under the animation section here.

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