360 Rapid Viz Test - Uffizi sandstorm

In this exercise, we wanted to efficiently create a quick 360 previz movie with good visuals without having to resort to an offline renderer such as Vray or Arnold (either of which could have required a greater amount of time to achieve rendering results)

Output image sequence uploaded to YouTube and converted as 360 video.

This Youtube 360 playblast was rendered through hardware 2.0, without any offline rendering. This freed up render nodes from having to use a slower software based production renderer to output an animation test rendering into a panoramic format. (7 frames per VR frame will chew up render time fast)

The entire 8 second sequence was rendered in less than one hour. We did pre-cache the sandstorm VFX, which took about an extra half hour, but overall the entire process to create the video took less than 4 hours.

Base sandstorm particles in Maya. This was rendered together with the background plate in one pass, with no post processing and compositing. Hardware fog and Depth of Field were enabled to help soften and better blend the VFX and background together.

You can check out the Facebook 360 version on our Facebook page here

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